"unassuming spots"

Reflections inspired by a trip to Triple Hot Spicy in Queensway.

"Hidden gems", "unassuming spots" you hear people say. And one of those that'd 'fit right in' would be @triplehotspicy in Queensway. Taken by @uglysupperclub the other day. Twirling with pink shrubbery, huge red stickers, Deliveroo bags lined patient amongst diamante flower pots and Indonesian groceries - In no way is this hidden; you just aren't looking the right way.

Like a mini fast food chain yet magic n tasty. its not an "old place"; opened jan 2020 in Queensway Market by Zukni (above), who used to be a Driver, catering fabulous meatballs on the side but now hit insta fame! Always loved cooking, learnt in Indonesia where he moved from in 1998.

£6.50 for bowl of #chickensoto and meatball soup with fried wonton. fave - the fried lump stuffed w tofu and bean shoots dunked in bottomless sambal, and an #EsCendol - coconut milk w pandan jelly noodles n candied jackfruit slid over at the end.

big flower pot on table - strategically placed; to give customer privacy but save on legs. "and - its instagramable", he says. with a smile that knows change. Why is it called triple spicy? "ppl like dramatic, youve got to get the branding right".

My wise friend once said -"use Instagram dont let Instam use you" GO SEE @triplehotspicy's page, Zunik's marketing is amazee.

As generations who didn’t used to be on social media latch on to its ways - maybe they can actually play the ropes right and make it a beautiful place. places led by older people wanting to share cultures can still be the new breaking into the space. open cracks to things that should be in spotlight, real secrets been working whole lifetimes on them.

few doors down - a restaurant upping their game - industrial crew of photographer gathering round a tiny plate next to a Russian film shop.

be genuinely curious about the world, as Alex's bag begs. what you can read in a space -  they open my eyes to wonder hearing the stories and always out pops in the end a gift for your curiosity, an extra dish, rewarded attention (in a society that urges us to shrink it) and genuineness. 

Who reviews something as a "modest place"? when its just showing someones story, the only thing its representing is itself 🍇